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Ahh, peace and quiet to make bike parts.  As close to nirvana as I can get these days.

Today was a low hanging fruit, the clutch cable actuator cover.  This is a cute little piece with the gear to wing logo and 2 versions of the name, “Cosomoto’ and ‘Cosentino’.  I’m partial to Cosentino for obvious reasons but Cosomoto is just to close to Quasimodo.  Either one, I’m covered!

Parts blanks and layout sheets:

Simple fixture plate:

Op 1 (top) and 2 (bottom):

2 pairs:

With the top surface finished out:

Next I’m going to finish up the clutch cap and machine the helical actuator and that will then let me assemble and test the clutch actuation mechanism.

It’s great to see the visible progress.  A running engine can’t be far away.

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