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Design & Engineering

Whether you’re looking to start something from scratch, need help refining a product or are ready to dig into a production run we can help dial in the design and engineering. We have decades of digital design experience and work with just about every source file. Developing and refining those concepts into viable 3D models allows us and you to better understand the project and helps avoid small pitfalls that can have costly repercussions. Working lock step with our fabrication crew allows us to make refinements and enhancements in real time which reduces development time and expense.

In House Prototyping

Once we have the design all tidy and dialed in we build it and break it. Then fix it, and break it again. We keep refining until we’ve eliminated every conceivable issue and then refine it some more. Using a wide range of additive and subtractive machining processes and working in conjunction with our design and development team allows us to execute faster changes with few rounds of revisions.


Some of our projects are direct machining runs done in house and efficient thanks to our hands on prototyping giving us instant feedback for optimum production. Others are a combination of CAD through CAM programming with in-house testing, component production and assembly. We can also handle the design and engineering aspects with in-house testing but liaison with external vendors that are better equipped for mass production. Regardless of the production method we will help you navigate the process in the fastest most cost efficient manner for you project.

  • Direct machining run
    – Provide part design feedback for optimum production efficiency
    – Complex multi-operation parts with high accuracy and minimal repositioning
    – Elimination of second ops or assembly stage through custom tool/toolpath design
    – 1-1000 part runs
  • Mechanical component design/assembly
    – CAD design through CAM programming
    – Design technique and fabrication processes governed by desired production quantities
    – In-house fabrication of most bespoke components
    – Assembly and testing
    – 1-500 units per year production capability
  • Complete Product design/assembly
    – Provide overall project management, mechanical CAD, CAM, DFM services
    – Partner with external or client-supplied industrial designers, electrical engineers and programmers for complete product development capabilities
    – Oversee agency compliance process
    – Liaison with external vendors for supply of electronic assemblies, molded and sheet metal parts
    – Assembly and testing
    – 1-500 units per year production capability
    – UL (NA/EU) approved manufacturer
    – manage transition from low volume in-house onshore pre-production to high volume domestic or offshore contract manufacturers
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