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After the hustle of the past few days it was nice to get a quiet day at the shop.  I was able to successfully assemble and test the complete transmission and shifter assembly.  After doing a couple of simple manual 2nd operations on the part (deburring, threaded cross oil hole passage) I pressed the bearings in and assembled and carefully checked the drum and shifter fork alignments to assure smooth shifting performance.

Pressing the bearings in with a medium sized C-frame press.

Bearings in and parts ready to go.

Shift drum detent spring and stop in place.

 Shift drum bolted in.

 Shift forks and rods.

 Primary and output shafts, assembly is now complete.

Another view.

 Transmission, meet girdle.  Girdle, say hello to transmission.

Very nice.  Fit was perfect and this is one more assembly towards a running engine.  It felt good to make some progress in the past weeks and I hope to continue the run of productivity!

Next update will document the machining, testing, and assembly of the various shafts, gears, and gerotor for the oil pump system.  Once this is done I can test the setup and verify that the pressure and volume delivery characteristics of the pump meet my design specifications.

Keep an eye out for another update soon.


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