Links to sites we think are interesting

Team Incomplete– the’hood

CEV Buckler– the Spanish National championship series where Moto2 will initially run

MotoGP- ‘nuff said

Yoyodyne– the source for all parts exotic. Brembo, Marvic, etc.

Motorsports Spares International, Inc.– knowledgeable Ohlins dealer and great source for race components

Superbikeplanet– excellent race commentary site

Motogpmatters– excellent race commentary site

Roadracingworld– excellent race commentary site

Rideontwo– good user forum on bike racing of all kinds

Eurospares– home of great mailing lists and a huge photo archive organized by Michael Moore the motorcyclist, not the filmmaker.

Tony Foale– Guru of motorcycle chassis design. A good source for freeware and shareware software to assist with motorcycle design

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