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Our motorcycle design philosophy is largely informed by our initiation to roadracing on Honda’s RS125 GP machines.  These purpose built racing motorcycles epitomized the concept of less is more, allowing us to regularly defeat riders on much larger and more powerful motorcycles.


The years of development and complete minimalism of the design results in a machine with unmatched ride qualities and extremely high performance limits.


These concepts of light weight and refinement, along with an overdeveloped sense of adventure, led us to develop a Supermono track test mule to evaluate alternative chassis and suspension design.  Over the past 8 years this machine has evolved from the initial design using an air cooled Rotax single to a highly refined racebike using a highly custom fuel injected and water cooled single.


The recent changes of the 250GP rules to the new Moto2 series provided a unique opportunity to adapt the prototype design to the new engine rules, providing a world-sized stage to test our chassis and suspension innovations.