The genesis of the Rotacular was coming across a copy of Tony Foale’s book, ‘Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design’.  This was an amazing reference that examined the how and why of motorcycle behavior.  The variety of alternative suspension designs piqued my interest, and several years later, the Rotacular was featured in a revised volume of Tony’s book, now available on his website.  Michael Moore’s Eurospares website and mailing lists provided access to and feedback from some of the most knowledgeable people in motorcycle design today.

I was immediately drawn to a single cylinder format because of it’s simplicity (more on that later), light weight, and small size.  The fact that the class was traditionally known as ‘The Engineer’s Class’ had nothing whatsoever to do with it.  Anyway, I was off, and after a brief 2 yr design phase in my spare time I ended up with the bike you now see.  The initial prototype was fabricated entirely in-house, from the 4130 trellis frame and suspension members to the CNC’d 6Al-4V Titanium parts.

I am now testing the bike in the LRRS series, along with other Team Incomplete members, with good results.  These pages serve as a brief diary until we can produce a fitting page.

Custom Single Cylinder Roadracing Motorcycle

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