After a season of racing the bike I decided it was time for a revision.† Having gained much experience as a designer, builder, and most importantly, a racer, I felt a new shuffling of design priorities was in order.

First order was to decide if I wanted to change the bikeís dynamic behavior.† I decided to keep the geometry mostly the same with the exception of adding some dive.† This was only due to the fact that I am racing modern 125GP bikes and didn't want to depart from their behavior TOO much.† Less dive, but everything else sort of stays the same.

The second order of business was to make the bike smaller.† Competing with 125s is tough work and size does matter.† Instead of a 250 sized bike I want to end up with a 125 sized bike.† To make the bike smaller required a major reshuffling of all the components.† First, move the exhaust from under the engine then drop the whole bike, then fit everything in the remaining space between the wheels and below the seat.

The result looks like a totally different bike although the suspension behavior is very similar.

Browse the next few pages to see the projectís progress.† I am very happy with how it is coming along and hope to have it ready by mid-May.

Custom Single Cylinder Roadracing Motorcycle, Part 2

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